welcomes all visitors! To avoid unnecessary consequences, visitors or users are expected to know what they are able to do and unable to do at These following main points hope to support users in having a full picture of the results brought by user’s certain actions.

First, emphasizes the importance of the owner of the site. Since we are the possessor of this website, we possess every item of the site. Users are not encouraged to reproduce any item from content to graphics of If users ‘activities do damage to, users must face punishment legally. If users intend to do some business with (e.g. making a link), it is our honor.

Second, technology has being proved its strengths in every corner of almost fields of life. Users must be aware of the fact that their doings on the Net will be recorded automatically with Web Beacon, cookies, JavaScript, or log files. Not only does want to serve visitors with the best product that users may feel interested in, but other pages on the Net also have the same purpose. If visitors or users do not like a certain practice made by or third parties, visitors can change individually by visiting

Third, the content of is not objective, so can adjust any materials of the site without telling users in advance. Users ought to use for unimportant aims. If users have decided to pick up some pieces of information from the site, users are put at risk. and third parties are not responsible for users’ selection.

Fourth, the trademarks displayed on are owned by the site since these trademarks have not been owned by their operators legally yet.

Finally, in order to help visitors gain more information, or a third party has provided links. However, or third parties are not in charge of examining the accuracy of materials in linked sites, so users ought to read rules and regulations of those sites carefully.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us for more clarification.


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