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Besides reading the articles that describe psychic abilities to check how many abilities you own, doing psychic tests on Psychic Test Online site is another way to confirm the result. Psychic Test is the site providing tests and games to measure the level of your psychic abilities. There are 22 criteria to assess people’s psychic abilities.

  • Able to control the appearance and disappearance of objects.
  • Able to notice energy surrounding locations, things, and people by senses (Aura Reading).
  • Able to write meaningful writing naturally (Automatic Writing)
  • Able to keep the spirit part from the physical one (Mental Projection).
  • Able to stay in different places at the same moment.
  • Able to see other things out of humans’ normal senses ( Second Sight)
  • Able to forecast someone’s death (Death Warning).
  • Able to gain in-depth understanding of a situation (Divination).
  • Able to situate objects, usually through a dowsing rod (Dowsing).
  • Able to apply energy to cure sickness (Energy Medicine).
  • Able to examine and treat illness by applying religious devotion (Faith Healing).
  • Able to fly (Levitation).
  • Able to talk to the spirits of dead people.
  • Able to know events beforehand (Precognition).
  • Able to get rid of sick issues with an incision (Psychic Surgery).
  • Able to make things move (Telekinesis).
  • Able to gather data by make a contact with objects.
  • Able to gain control of fire.
  • Able to gather information from a distance(Remote Viewing)
  • Able to know past things (Post-Cognition).
  • Able to tell what will happen by using an object.
  • Able to exchange thoughts(Telepathy).

The list above gives a short description of 22 abilities that a true psychic owns, so a person can base on it to see whether he/she has some abilities similar to those. In fact, the reality is the best way to test someone’s psychic abilities. If he/she is doubtful about the existence of his/her psychic power, he/she should check his/her memories to gather evidence objectively.

Psychic Test provides varied services to help seekers recognize, develop, and control their abilities properly. For details, please drop a message or communicate with the psychics of Psychic Test. Now it is time seekers answered items in psychic tests at Free Psychic Reading No Charge Online to see the level of their psychic power.

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